The 2018 Midterms are Humanity’s Big Chance

Don’t Blow It on a Bunch of Crazies George Soros Pays For. Split Your Ticket! Vote Kesha Rogers, Independent, CD 9

As you read the following perspective, you, the voters of Texas, have a unique opportunity to secure humanity’s future by voting for or supporting Kesha Rogers, the independent candidate running against Al Green in the 9th C.D. Really, nothing less than that is at stake on November 6, 2018. Al Green supports Donald Trump’s impeachment and has done nothing for his constituents, in one of the poorest districts in Texas, while grandstanding and raking in lots of cash as the national leader of the mad impeachment campaign. Kesha Rogers is running as an independent because the Democratic Party has been turned into a Jacobin mob. She adamantly opposes the impeachment of the President and the ongoing coup against him. Rather than “managing poverty,” like Al Green has done, she proposes to eliminate it.

She is for Glass–Steagall banking separation; national banking dedicated solely to financing physical economic development through large-scale infrastructure projects (new dams, canals, flood prevention, transportation, ports, cities, and similar projects) which will ensure high paying jobs and increase labor’s productive power; and a crash program for fusion power development and space exploration. She supports a classical educational curriculum designed to nurture the creative genius of every child while training the scientists, engineers, and skilled workers of the future.

November 6, 2018: The Last Big Chance for All of Humanity?

What are the actual stakes of the election on November 6, 2018? If you only pay attention to the stupid media, or partisan policy lines, you probably have no idea.  We have a chance in this election to destroy the British Empire, the monster which, along with its American servants, has been a destructive force against humanity since the end of World War II.  Franklin Roosevelt intended to end it at the close of World War II, telling Winston Churchill that Americans would no longer die on behalf of British imperial aims. Instead, he would use the industrial power his policies created in the United States to develop all of humanity.  But, when Roosevelt died, Harry Truman made a deal with Churchill, instead.

In 1989, the Berlin Wall fell, ending the Cold War and providing a big chance, one again, for a new renaissance of collaborative scientific discovery, economic development, worldwide technological progress, and high culture — based on sovereign relationships between nation states. That was championed by Lyndon LaRouche and others.   Instead, George H.W. Bush, Margaret Thatcher, and Francois Mitterrand conspired to create the “New World Order” of globalization, free trade, and relentless austerity against the great mass of humanity. The United States was deliberately deindustrialized and speculative money was invested either in more funny money or in the cheapest sources of labor available anywhere in the world. The post-industrial hell of drugs, pornography, gambling, and Hollywood entertainment occupied our former industrial centers, while the socially atomized world of cellphones and video games replaced human communication. Small, but perpetual wars were undertaken to police and cull whole populations.

Donald Trump proposed to end this. He campaigned in support of Glass–Steagall banking separation, meaning you and I won’t pay for Wall Street’s next financial collapse. He seeks mutually beneficial trade relationships between developing nations, rather than the globalist system that imprisons everyone. He has referred to the American System of political economy, invented by Alexander Hamilton, fully employed by Abraham Lincoln, and wielded by Franklin Roosevelt to create the greatest economic power the world has ever known, the arsenal of democracy developed in America during World War II. He seeks sane relations with Russia and China, rather than war with those nations.

But he has been blocked at every turn by the British instigated coup against him because the British and their American servants view him as a mortal threat to their Empire.  

If you vote for the Democrats on November 6th and don’t support candidates who back Trump, you will be voting for the insanity and anarchy which you just saw in the Kavanaugh hearings — politicians paid for by George Soros and a host of New York and California billionaires who propose impeachment of the President and have no program but continuous chaos and violence in support of their views.

If you vote for the Democrats on November 6th and don’t vote for candidates who back Trump, we will also lose what may be our last chance to remove the disease of Empire from this earth — our chance to do justice for the millions of unnecessary deaths already caused by this disease and to prevent a new war which could very well kill us all.

In their frantic coup against President Trump, the British acted recklessly, exposing whole chunks of the Anglo-American police state apparatus, the propaganda machine aimed at keeping the population distracted, demoralized, and docile.  This was supposed to remain hidden. In their hysterical and McCarthyite attacks on Trump, the entire legacy media apparatus and Hollywood entertainment empire have been exposed as nothing but one mass brainwashing machine.

We now know, as the result of Congressional investigations, that the entire Russiagate operation was a fraud, paid for by the Clinton campaign but created and run as a continuing psychological and information warfare attack by the British government against the American President.  Removing Trump is one of their goals. Demonizing Russia and provoking and isolating Russia is another. By doing so, they are creating the conditions for a world war.

Houston: Don’t Miss This Chance. If you live in the 9th C.D., split your ticket and vote for Kesha. If you live elsewhere, figure out how much money you can give or how much volunteer work you can do to support this campaign.

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