Ret. NASA Director Bob Thompson Endorses Kesha Rogers

Bob Thompson, whose lengthy career includes Head, Recovery Operations Branch, Operations Division, NASA Space Task Group, Hampton, Virginia (1959-1962), Manned Spacecraft Center/Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas, Assistant Chief, Operational Support, Flight Operations Division (1962-1964) Chief, Landing and Recovery Division, Flight Operations Directorate (1964-1965/ 1965-1966), Assistant Manager, Apollo Applications Program Office (1966-1967), Manager, Apollo Applications Program Office / Skylab Program Office (1967-1970) Manager, Space Shuttle Program Office (1970-1981), and Mission Director, Mission Operations Program, Office of Manned Space Flight, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC (1965-1965), endorsed Independent candidate for U.S. Congress, Kesha Rogers in a letter written to Kesha's campaign. 

Mr. Thompson wrote the following, 

In a recent visit with Kesha, she discussed effectively the value of human spaceflight to our society. Based on this visit and her followup article, I am pleased to recommend the services of Kesha Rogers to the voters in Texas. Hopefully voters will do their homework. 



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