Policy Platform

Policy Highlights

  • The USA Must Join the Belt and Road Initiative
  • Restoration of American System Banking
  • Massive New Employment in Highly Productive Sectors


Executive Summary

Nearly 80 countries, representing almost 2/3 of humanity, have partnered together with the leadership of China, in a “win-win” paradigm of cooperative growth and development in everything from basic sanitation, to large-scale infrastructure projects, to cultural exchange and development, to cutting-edge discoveries at the boundaries of human knowledge and exploration, under what is termed variously as the Belt and Road Initiative, the Eurasian Landbridge, the New Silk Road, and the One Belt, One Road project. As a result of 30 years of planning with the future in mind, China has lifted over 700 million of its citizens out of extreme poverty, built several of the world’s largest infrastructure projects, and has become a global leader in space exploration, high speed rail, power systems (atomic, hydropower, and hydrocarbon-based), international trade logistics, and many other areas.


During this same time, the United States has experienced a series of severe economic and financial crises that has created a massive social and debt crisis. We face surging numbers of suicides, drug addiction, unpayable consumer debt, and a lack of meaningful work. This is due to the ongoing bankruptcy of a fundamentally flawed approach to economics, counter to the scientific methods established at our nation’s founding by Alexander Hamilton, and developed further by economist Lyndon LaRouche.

The American people rejected a continuation of these failed policies by voting Donald Trump into the presidency, against Hillary Clinton. Since his election, there continues a coup attempt underway against Trump through the fraudulent Mueller investigation, because Trump represents a potential to shift the USA away from the failed policy paradigm, and into the “win-win” strategy expressed by the Chinese.

To avoid a much larger and more severe financial crisis than 2008, to avoid outright thermonuclear war with Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, or other countries, to avoid the silent despair of impoverished millions exploding with preventable diseases, suicide, and drug overdose—to overcome these challenges, a dramatic and deliberate shift in economic, cultural, scientific, and political principles is required, immediately, as on an emergency basis, to rescue the American nation from the brink, and surpass the previous levels of greatness our country has achieved. This means no more business as usual.

The fraudulent coup against President Trump must continue to be exposed and crushed, as a foreign-directed, British intelligence operation against the presidency, with assistance by the Obama administration and its enablers. This will open the way for the Trump presidency to partner in the Belt and Road Initiative, including projects listed below.

derivatives-web.jpgThe horrendously over-leveraged financial bubble of Wall Street speculation must be acknowledged as essentially fictitious assets and intrinsically bankrupt, and deliberate protectionist measures must be enacted on an emergency basis to protect the commercial banking system from a new 2008-style wipe out. Specifically, the reinstatement of a complete “Glass–Steagall Act” separation of commercial and speculative debts, followed with a Hamiltonian-style recapitalization of the commercial banking system with new federal credit, and the direction of this credit into a comprehensive series of integrated, nationwide, productive jobs in all areas of infrastructure, research and development, agriculture, and industry, with an emphasis on highly productive sectors, and the upgrading of current technologies to new levels. Goals must be set for 1 year, 5 year, 10 year, 25 year, and 50 year development spans. A diplomatic shift must occur, away from the post-Cold War “unipolar world” of winner-take-all, to the “win-win” strategy of cooperative development among a community of sovereign nations addressing the common problems facing mankind as a whole: disease, illiteracy, war, famine, and a lack of creative foresight.

Dozens of large-scale, scientifically progressive infrastructure projects are either fully designed or well mapped out, simply waiting for the leadership and funding to be built. This requires shifting the composition of our labor force away from low wage, menial labor and dead end service jobs, so that approximately 50% is engaged in skilled agricultural and industrial production. Projects include:

  • Establishing a national priority to achieve controlled thermonuclear fusion within the next decade, as a driver for cheap and abundant energy, new resource development, and upgrading the productive output of our labor force through new technology spinoffs;
  • Funding our manned space program to over 5% of the national budget, with a declared international mission to bring the Moon into the economic grasp of mankind by the utilization of its helium-3 resources for realizing thermonuclear fusion energy;
  • Upgrading our national and international transportation logistics to high speed, magnetically levitated rail, including in evacuated tubes;
  • Upgrading our energy sector to rely primarily on atomic power, especially fusion energy, and rapidly disseminating its spin-off technologies (e.g. plasma-ionization based recycling and refining of waste and raw materials) throughout society;
  • Building the upgraded, 21st Century designs for the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA XXI) to solve critical problems of flooding, drought, irrigation, and fresh drinking water for the western half of the USA and northern Mexico;
  • Applying discoveries in a revived space program to health and medicine, with an emphasis on reducing the leading causes of death, especially cardiovascular disease and cancer;
  • Establishing an early warning and deterrent system for potentially disastrous asteroid, comet, and space weather events among all space-capable nations;
  • Bringing all the American infrastructure that isn’t made obsolete by upgrades from projects mentioned above, up to an A+ grade rating by the ASCE.

These are but a few of the many interrelated projects that our nation and humanity can achieve once freed from the rubble of unpayable consumer debt, endless war, and petty geopolitics.

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