Policy Platform

Our nation has been plagued by the continued policies of war and economic collapse, and cultural degeneracy, brought about by a criminal system of looting by Wall Street speculators, that has left many of its citizens, impoverished, in despair, overdosing on drugs, and with no foreseeable productive future.

My commitment to putting an end to such destructive policies is a dedicated fight to foster the return to the very American system economic principles which were at the forefront of our nation’s Constitution and the foundation of our republic. I am committed to a restoring a productive economy and renewed optimism for our nation and our prosperity. These needed solutions and the remedies to the continued financial collapse can be found in the Four Economic Laws proposed by statesman and economist Lyndon LaRouche, of whom I have been an associate and collaborator for nearly twenty years.

As your future representative, I recognize there are many issues relevant to the people living in our district. These range in scope from the local, city, and state, to the country, world, and even “in space” (on the International Space Station). My commitment is to balance and prioritize these issues in such a way so that I can accomplish the most good for the most people in our district in the shortest amount of time.  

I have identified four key actions that would act as a rising tide to lift all boats, and set our country on a path to true greatness.



The U.S. must finally abandon the failed “winner take all” geopolitics which has dominated the post-war world, and become part of a new paradigm of mutual “win-win” cooperation on the common issues we all face: poverty alleviation, resource development, fighting terrorism, ending wars of aggression, and celebrating human progress.

We can do this by partnering with China on its impressive Belt and Road Initiative, a bold infrastructure investment strategy designed to share China's "economic miracle" of the last 30 years with the global economy. More than a series of large, interconnected projects, it is a just world economic order that is supplanting the failing geopolitical world order currently dominating the USA and western Europe.

The economic benefits of U.S. participation in the Belt and Road Initiative are nearly infinite. A win-win partnership with nations who find the advancement of the other, a benefit to themselves, means rewriting the failed trade and monetary rules which made winners out of some and losers out of everybody else.


If we are going to make America great again, we need a financial system that works for us, not against us. Due to corrupt elected officials in Congress, no serious, systemic changes have been made to reorganize our financial system or banks in the decade since the 2007-08 global financial crash. If elected, I would champion the restoration of Franklin Roosevelt's Banking Act of 1933, a law that put a firewall between commercial banking activities (the real economy) and the risky, speculative investment banking, that took over our financial system in the years after Glass-Steagall's repeal in 1999, and ultimately lead to the collapse.

Once our financial system is reorganized according to a Glass-Steagall standard, i.e., the real economy's debts are honored while the speculative casino debts are not, we can channel sovereign U.S.-issued credit through our cleaned up banks to specific projects that guarantee a return on investment, e.g. investments in badly needed transportation systems, water management, but also frontier scientific driver programs in the tradition of President Kennedy's Moonshot.

Breaking free from the role of Wall Street's bailout guarantor will restore our sovereignty as a nation, and allow us to fund an agenda that is profitable for the general welfare, rather than predatory banks operating only to enrich themselves.


Millions of productive jobs are waiting for sovereign funding! Let's put our nation to work upgrading our aging infrastructure to A+ status with new concepts in continental water management, high-speed rail, and advancements in fusion energy research and applications.

Dozens of large-scale, scientifically progressive infrastructure projects are either fully designed or well mapped out, simply waiting for the leadership and funding to be built. This requires shifting the composition of our labor force away from low wage, menial labor and dead end service jobs, so that approximately 50% is engaged in skilled agricultural and industrial production. 

The greatest of all projects, which will bring the greatest return to our economy, is human exploration of space. Let us pick up where Kennedy left off, and launch a robust human space program returning to the Moon for colonization, and a launching point to reach Mars in our lifetime.

To state a few specific space goals: We must save the International Space Station(ISS), build a permanent presence on the Moon, establish trade routes and scientific bases on the Moon, and mine He-3 from the Moon and return it to Earth for increase resource development in an advanced Fusion economy.There is no such thing as limited resources! The advancement of the creative powers of the human mind is mankind’s greatest resource.

Additional projects included, but are not limited to:

  • Establishing a national priority to achieve controlled thermonuclear fusion within the next decade, as a driver for cheap and abundant energy, new resource development, and upgrading the productive output of our labor force through new technology spinoffs;
  • Funding our manned space program to over 5% of the national budget, with a declared international mission to bring the Moon into the economic grasp of mankind by the utilization of its helium-3 resources for realizing thermonuclear fusion energy;
  • Upgrading our national and international transportation logistics to high speed, magnetically levitated rail, including in evacuated tubes;
  • Building the upgraded, 21st Century designs for the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA XXI) to solve critical problems of flooding, drought, irrigation, and fresh drinking water for the western half of the USA and northern Mexico;
  • Applying discoveries in a revived space program to health and medicine, with an emphasis on reducing the leading causes of death, especially cardiovascular disease and cancer.


I voted for Trump in 2016, because I recognized two things: that Hillary Clinton was a continuation of the same failed Obama regime of war, bailouts, and destruction; and that, despite the media slanders and personally disagreeing with some of his own stated policies, Trump represents a real potential to implement the policies outlined above. I decided to run for Congress again, because I didn’t see anyone in public office, at any level, pushing for America to adopt this new paradigm shift, except Trump, and his time is mostly consumed with battling the coup against him by the British Empire, and its liberal and neo-con pincer flank. I don’t agree with the “never Trumpers” nor do I agree with the conservatives who have nothing to say about building America out of poverty, who opportunistically support Trump to push their own agenda.

It really doesn’t matter if you like Trump, love Trump, or hate Trump; the British-led coup against him is a desperate move to destroy this new paradigm of global peace, development, and human progress. This coup is what must be crushed, and Trump has signaled repeatedly that he is in favor of joining the “win-win” approach, championed by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche for 45 years. We must defeat the coup against the presidency, so we can truly make America great again.

For background info about the coup and its British direction, read the Mueller Dossier here.





The USA is a melting pot nation. We welcome talented, hard working, intelligent people to come to our country from everywhere in the world if they wish to enjoy and protect our freedoms, while contributing to our growth and prosperity. For those seeking refuge from war, famine, poverty, gangs, tyrannical governments, and natural disasters, we can provide a helping hand up as you work to become an American citizen. I support an inexpensive, streamlined pathway for undocumented people who came here for these reasons to become citizens so they can live here without fear, and contribute more directly and meaningfully to our country’s greatness. However, this pathway should be set up by act of Congress, not by arbitrary executive action. To those who would come here without regard for -or to undermine- our representative institutions, the safety of our citizens in their daily lives, or assist in the illicit trafficking of people, drugs, weapons, or other things, our laws and law enforcement are here to find you, stop you, arrest you, and deport you.



The public debate over gun violence is completely out of touch with reality: people are far more likely to die from cancer, heart disease, or abortion than they are from homicide by a gun or other weapon. That said, I affirm the inalienable right of all Americans to the legal self defense of their lives and country in the face of imminent mortal danger. I also recognize the vibrant Texan culture and traditions of hunting and homesteading, sport shooting, and public defense by our military, guard, and first responders. It is far more important that we as a society address our collective desensitization to, and tolerance (or even celebration) of extreme violence in our news, movies, music, art, games, and culture, than to debate what kind of weapon should or shouldn’t be allowed where. We must address the surging crisis of suicide, mass public suicide (in the form of shootings at schools, theaters, etc.), and related drug overdoses, as a mental health problem rather than a gun problem.



If the USA fully joins the “win-win” paradigm, we could essentially eliminate the need for health insurance altogether, and provide very low out of pocket costs for comprehensive healthcare services to the entire population, modeled on the Medicare structure. This requires a return to the pre-HMO, pre-Obamacare standards of production of medical infrastructure established by the 1946 Hill-Burton Act, as one part of an overall explosive increase in our productive economy. Specifically, we must emphasize increasing the delivery of high tech medical care per capita with more nurses, doctors, physicians, and hospital capacity. We can lower patient healthcare costs tremendously by building up the overall standard of living, reining in the exorbitant overhead costs of the pharmaceutical industry, and increasing medical infrastructure access capacity and new technologies, as through “spin off” discoveries from a robust human spaceflight program.

We must also address the epidemic of opioid addiction and drug overdose, and the mental health crisis manifesting as a skyrocketing level of suicides and drug related deaths. Our people are killing themselves and each other in record numbers. This has many causes, including a glorification of and desensitization to death and violence in our culture, the emphasis on opioids for treatment by pharmaceutical companies assisted by illicit drug money laundering by international banks like HSBC, and the lack of a positive national mission that people can be gainfully employed into, such as the Belt and Road Initiative, or a robust human space exploration and colonization program.



Our active military and our veterans deserve the highest honor. Endless regime change wars have sucked resources out of our economy and created a mental health crisis among our servicemen and women that requires a top-down national solution. Our veterans have a crucial role to play in building great projects in our society, due to their leadership and skill sets, in teaching the youth of our nation for a revamped Civilian Conservation Corps style on-the-job training and education, when the USA joins the “win-win” paradigm.



When we discuss education, we must ask, "for what are we educating the next generation to do?" Our education system is a reflection of where our economy will be 10, 20, and even 50 years into the future. Therefore, if we want a productive economy, we must educate our workforce to be productive, not trapped in the low wage services and "gig-economy." I support a return to a classical education of our children, with an aim of developing that creative spark which exists in each of us. Education, like healthcare, must not become a commodity to be monetized and profited from. 

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