Open Letter to the 9th District: You Deserve a Better Future than Rep. Al “Impeachment” Green Would Allow You

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As I campaign around the 9th Congressional District to become your new representative in Congress, I find more and more people are realizing that this election is pivotal for the survival of the entire nation. If Al Green, who is leading the fight to impeach Donald Trump, wins, along with other Democrats who share his views, we’ll be back to a program of endless wars, unlimited bailouts of Wall Street and other speculators, and the economic ruin for the majority of the population, all of which characterized 16 years of Bush-Cheney and then Barack Obama. If the will of the people in an election is overturned by a bogus impeachment proceeding which Al Green champions, our Constitution will be lost. We will have criminalized political differences, by means similar to the British Star Chamber which our founders fought a revolution against. From what I have heard as I have toured the District and listened to you, such violent and partisan recklessness with our futures is not uncharacteristic of Al Green.

Congressman Al Green likes to claim that he is the advocate of “the last, the least, and the lost.” Yet, he is one of the ten richest Congressmen of Texas, presiding over one of the ten poorest districts in Texas. The well respected website,, estimates Al Green’s net worth as $5,100,006 as of 2015. The 2016 Census puts the average income per household of the district at $58,000. Twenty-five percent of families with at least one child are living below the poverty line. Research published by, puts our own Sunnyside district as the 6th most dangerous neighborhood in the USA, where residents have a 1 in 11 chance of becoming a victim of a crime this year, and there are more single mothers than 97.7% of all other neighborhoods in the country. One of the hardest hit areas of foreclosures from the financial collapse of 2008, is our own Missouri City, where Countrywide Financial set up an office and reaped huge profits on secondary mortgages. In the last 10 years ATTOM Data Solutions, a real estate research firm, shows the average mortgage price in Missouri City has increased 65%, rental costs have doubled, and foreclosure rates in Missouri City are triple the rate of Texas, and more than double the national rate.

Foreclosures MoCityThe Houston Police consider Club Creek Drive in our own Sharpstown neighborhood to be the most dangerous in town, leading the city in burglary, robbery, rape and murder from September 2016 through February 2017. Nearby is the “red light district” of the Bissonnet Track, where prostitutes work at all times of day and night, less than a block from Betty Roberts Best Elementary School. 

The answer to this level of poverty is an economic program which breaks people out of poverty. Congressman Green supports all sorts of programs aimed at “servicing” the poor, including drug legalization, sentencing reform, and other measures which assume that poverty itself will never be conquered, that the job of an elected official serving Wall Street is to make this level of extreme poverty somehow a bit more comfortable. I choose, on the other hand, to attack and conquer poverty itself.

My program both nationally and locally involves major infrastructure projects. It involves creating a modern manufacturing platform for our economy. It involves, here in Houston, major flood control and water infrastructure projects. It involves moving to the next level of human economy with fusion power and space exploration. This must be coupled with an educational program which challenges all children to think creatively, to develop their God-given talent to understand the great arc of human history and to find their identity in advancing humanity- ”to think big”, as Americans used to do. Donald Trump is attempting to do part of this by forcing manufacturing jobs back here to the United States, not allowing American corporations and Wall Street to take jobs overseas in pursuit of cheap labor—the types of policies which have ruined our once great economy. Donald Trump has vowed to end the role of America as world policeman, and instead concentrate on rebuilding the American economy. Instead of supporting and supplementing the President’s intention, Al Green has made national headlines with his drive to impeach the President, not because of high crimes or misdemeanors, but because Al Green just doesn’t like Donald Trump. This position has garnered our Congressman national attention and donations, but does not even start to address the problems in this District and how we change it.

A big part of the reason Congressman Green can’t articulate an actual program for economic growth is because he is a creature of Wall Street. He voted for the disastrous bank bailout of 2008. While on the House Financial Services Committee (he is now ranking member of the Oversight and Investigations subcommittee), Green became a significant advocate of the “quantitative easing” policies of the Obama Administration which saw some $16 trillion sucked out of the real economy (that could have built more flood control infrastructure, hospitals, and schools) and given away to Wall Street banks to buy back their stock and pad their books. Green also voted for the disastrous Dodd-Frank Act, which legalized the ability for “too big to fail” banks to seize your pensions when their next bubble bursts. My program is aimed at breaking the suffocating hold of Wall Street over our actual economic potential.

Vote Kesha Rogers, Independent for U.S. Congress, TX-9

I am very aware that this District has historically voted straight ticket for Democrats. I grew up in the Democratic Party tradition of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I have spent my adult life studying the American System of political economy created by Hamilton, fostered by Lincoln, wielded by Roosevelt to lift millions out of destitution in the Great Depression, and fundamentally advanced by the economist Lyndon LaRouche. The Democratic Party has long since abandoned the Roosevelt program of job creation to focus, instead, on who uses what bathrooms. That is why I am running as an independent. Neither of the two political parties has a program which can meet my goal—creating the basis for this District to flourish, rather than trapping its inhabitants in endless suffering. Do as you will with the rest of the races, but for this one, find me, Kesha Rogers, and break your ticket.

My platform is the result of examining the big picture, to chart the fewest number of steps to create the best possible future for our nation and the world:

  1. We must restore the economic sovereignty of the USA, to plan our own future. The strangulation of the real economy for purposes of Wall Street speculation must be ended, allowing capital to flow to the real, physical economy. This is done by reinstating Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, which separates deposit taking banks from investment firms and denies speculators any access to taxpayer or depositor bailouts, for derivatives, bonds, and other mechanisms which Wall Street has used to rob the real economy and build a new, larger bubble following the collapse of 2008.

  2. The level of debt present in the Wall Street bubble must be sorted out in bankruptcy, recognizing that most of this speculative paper debt is actually worthless and can never be paid. Instead, what should be protected are things which contribute to the real economy and the security of individual citizens in their homes, in their cities, in the educational system, and in other actually useful human endeavors.

  3. Article I, Section VIII of the Constitution grants Congress the power to coin money, establish its value, and incorporate a national bank. Congress must use this power to rebuild the commercial credit of our banking system with Treasury notes backed by gold reserves, issued by a new National bank. This credit will be issued specifically for employment in great projects all over the country, as we did during the New Deal with the Tennessee Valley Authority. A new National Bank, like that conceived and run by Alexander Hamilton, allows Congress to issue any amount of credit needed to fund capital improvements in infrastructure, as well as critical advancements in new sciences and technologies, without increasing taxes or creating unpayable debt. We need about $5 trillion per year for about 25 years, to bring our D+ rated public infrastructure up to A+ rating, and advance our economy into the 21st Century with brand new technologies in space science, nuclear fusion energy, medicine, and quality of life. Congress can set up a capital budget, outside of fiscal budget revenue, to earmark these trillions into the specific projects they will fund, exactly as we did during the New Deal.

  4. These projects will pay for themselves, as they did during the New Deal and Apollo Program, and continue to do nearly 100 years later. We must employ Americans in large scale on-the-job training programs that generate increasingly productive modes of employment, as was done with the Civilian Conservation Corps. Projects include:

    • Advance human space exploration as the fastest way to increase the living standards on Earth, by forcing the creation of entire new technologies, materials, and scientific understanding. Rather than privatize and sell off our human space program, Congress should increase NASA’s funding to 5.5% of the budget, as we did at the height of Apollo, with a renewed National mission, and return to the Moon for full permanent exploration, industrial development, and scientific research, as a platform for further exploration to Mars and other planets and moons. Critical to this is the mining and use of Helium-3 isotope in lunar soil, a powerful fuel source for thermonuclear fusion technology;

    • Developing nuclear fusion is the next great technological revolution in human civilization, similar to the agricultural and industrial revolutions. Fusion allows us to create terawatts of energy for human uses, which will be necessary to power the next generation of infrastructure. Additionally, the very high temperatures of fusion reactions create entire new metallurgy, allowing us to refine materials to their isotopic structures. This means, among other things, that landfills become sources of raw materials, ending the doctrine of “scarce resources” and allowing abundance of all things for human progress;

    • NAWAPABuild The North American Water and Power Alliance, a continental water transfer system to move 138 million acre feet of runoff annually from the northwest coast of North America, over the Rocky Mountains, and distributed to arid regions of the southwest United States and northern Mexico from California through Texas. Significant hydro and nuclear power stations along the way will generate new capacity in electricity for many uses;

    • Create The World Landbridge, an intercontinental high speed, magnetically levitated rail system, connected to Asia through the Bering Strait in Alaska, all the way through and across the United States, down through Mexico and Central America, across the Darien Gap into and across South America. Such a massive project will make the transfer of global trade cheaper, faster, and more efficient than ever before. The Port of Houston plays a major role in this global trade. Each year, more than 247 million tons of cargo move through the greater Port of Houston, carried by more than 8,200 vessels and 215,000 barges. The port is consistently ranked 1st in the United States in foreign waterborne tonnage; 1st in U.S. imports; 1st in U.S. export tonnage, and 2nd in the U.S. in total tonnage.

    • With respect to immigration and our relationships South of the Border and with Canada, I am advocating a new policy which I call NABRI, the North America Belt and Road Initiative, in which we base our policies toward one another on shared development projects and initiatives, such as rail corridors, new ports, water transfer from heavy rain areas to those suffering from drought, and fighting terrorism, money laundering, and drug/human trafficking.

  5. We need a new foreign policy based, like that advocated by John Quincy Adams and Abraham Lincoln, on relationships developed between sovereign nation states rather than overseen by some imperial global entity. These new sets of relationships require a new Bretton Woods monetary system based on fixed exchange rates and the ability to issue long term loans for development at low interest rates. This would be a system modeled on Franklin Roosevelt’s intent to end colonialism and promote the full-scale development of all countries. Full development of the countries south of our border and ending the ravages of free trade, and low wage labor, is essential for conquering poverty, once and for all.

  6. In its new foreign policy, the USA would partner with China and Russia, and other major nations, in building the world Belt and Road Initiative, a grand series of projects all over the planet and into space, that is lifting the world out of poverty and ending the needless wars we have suffered following Franklin Roosevelt’s death. Trump has signaled in many ways that he supports this endeavor, which is why the British and the Obama administration’s intelligence agencies cooked up the bogus lies about Russian collusion to snatch the 2016 election back from the man the people elected. This witch hunt and impeachment drive must be permanently derailed and shut down as a treasonous coup against the presidency and the Constitution, thereby freeing Trump, and the American people, to finally join with other sovereign nations in building the world up out of poverty.

A Call to Action

Al “Impeachment” Green, can and must be defeated in November. We must stop the coup against the President now, and bring the United States on board a new paradigm for growth and development. I will champion the solutions to the problems that we face together. But, your vote must be a deliberate vote for me. You have to find Kesha Rogers on the ballot for the 9th Congressional District and vote for me. Tell those who insult your intelligence by saying “vote straight party ticket”, no, not this time. Vote independent. Vote for your own independence. Vote Kesha Rogers!

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