My Education Policy: Every Child Can Become a Genius!

My name is Kesha Rogers. I am running as an Independent to represent you in Texas 9th Congressional district. My campaign represents a unique vision for the future. One of the very strong points of my campaign and a great passion of mine is the importance of a powerful classical education in music, art, and science. I want all the children in my district, Afro-American, Hispanic, Asian, and white to aspire to genius and to have the classical education to achieve it. I believe that the future and education of our children is of utmost importance, in fostering the next generations of creative minds, who will make the next profound discoveries impacting the advancement of mankind. I want to represent in Congress the advancement of great classical culture. That is the most important thing one generation gives to the next, the ability to make new, profound discoveries. To do that, we need a prosperous economy and the national challenge of exploring space again and creating transformative energy sources, like fusion.  That’s what I want to talk about.

In the meantime, all my opponent, Mr. Greedy Al Green wants to talk about is impeaching Donald Trump. How, exactly, does that give anyone a future?

One of my personal heroes is Katherine Johnson, the black female genius who calculated how John Glenn could go to space and return safely. She was the hero of the film, Hidden Figures and an inspiration to all of us. Perhaps your child will be part of the first crew to go to Mars or to make a medical breakthrough that will save millions of lives. The future is in your hands. VOTE for Kesha Rogers Independent for Congress and help me make this a reality for our district and our nation.

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