Let’s Talk About Make America Great Again, (#MAGA), and the Midterm Elections

Look at Trump’s major accomplishments: they are all primarily in foreign policy. He withdrew the USA from the disastrous TPP and Paris Accord agreements right away. He rightfully called out taxpayer funding of bloated, unreciprocal Cold War alliances, and unfair trade deals like NAFTA that have ruined our productive manufacturing base. He secured the beginnings of a long term peace deal with North Korea. And he is on the verge of an international reset in relations between the USA, Russia, and China.

On the home front, Trump is engaged in daily, hand-to-hand combat with a lying, histrionic media, a witch hunt Mueller probe, and an as-yet unresolved criminal intervention into the 2016 elections by the Obama administration and British intelligence. Domestically, the lying media, social media justice warriors, and clueless politicians on both sides of the aisles are directing the national debate into the junkyard of no-win, partisan yelling matches. Complex issues like immigration are reduced to out of context talking points and memes, while the core issue of real economic growth remains ignored.

Let’s talk about #MAGA. The core of making America great again is, just as the President stated in his speeches while traveling to the former industrial hubs and cities around the country, a return to a protectionist system or fair trade, not free trade. It means American system economics, as he stated, modeled on the ideas of Henry Clay, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, and many other great American statesmen. Trump has echoed Lyndon LaRouche in his call for the restoration of Glass-Steagall banking and the Constitutional “American System” that Abraham Lincoln and Henry Carey used to turn a nation wrecked by civil war into an industrial powerhouse by 1876. Today, taking the “American System” approach will re-launch the advancement of humanity into the stars through human exploration of space, and many other BIG projects. We need, as I have made my campaign theme: Great projects for a great America. The average Trump supporter loves thinking big, but is often found wasting too much time responding to the daily dose of liberal junk to articulate that which is positive for the future.

WE MUST FORCE A NATIONAL CHANGE IN DEBATE to the better future we wish to create. Otherwise, #MAGA will lose the midterm elections, because the USA will lose its focus and get sucked back into the morass of Obama/Hillary identity politics. If we want to see Trump succeed, we patriotic Americans must put the rebuilding of our national greatness on the front burner. This will not just happen by snapping our fingers and making demands. It will only be done with the implementation of a physical economic recovery program, over the objections of Wall Street, achieved through the investment of national credit into our infrastructure and the real economy. That means primarily creating jobs that improve the living standards in long term ways. We must restore parity pricing to stop the epidemic of bankruptcy suicides of our farmers. We must remember the best elements of how we built our way out of the Great Depression: through the enduring legacy of the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Civilian Conservation Corps, and the Works Progress Administration. We must remember how we permanently upgraded the technology standard of the world through the Apollo Program, and build upon that legacy with a commitment to realize thermonuclear fusion power technologies. It is time to go on the offensive with the solutions to put the country back to work!

I am running for U.S. Congress, to articulate and fight for the future we want to create. The people of Texas’s 9th CD and the nation have had enough of the partisan politics. They are looking for a leader who will defend the Constitution and fight for the truth. That’s me! I am taking on Rep. Al Green, whose only purpose left in Congress is to impeach Trump. Defeating Green is a defeat against the coup itself. It will be a shot heard around the world. Now is the time to seize the reins. It’s time to send me to Washington to get the job done!

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