Kesha Rogers Files Her Petitions for Texas' 9th CD

Kesha Rogers is filing her petitions today with the Secretary of State to place her name on the ballot as an independent candidate for Congress in Texas’ 9th C.D.  Rogers is campaigning on a platform consisting of Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws for Economic Recovery of the United States complemented by insistence that the United States join China’s great One Belt, One Road Initiative to physically develop countries and whole continents, such as Africa, which were formerly misnamed as “the developing sector.”

As Rogers states on her website, this is not her “first rodeo.”  She was won the Democratic nomination for Congress in the 22nd C.D. in both 2010 and 2012, and, in 2014, forced a runoff for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate.  She is known to most as the space exploration candidate, because of her fervent support for NASA and her critique of former President Barack Obama, for, among other things, deliberately crippling the space program and, in Rogers’s view, limiting and crippling thereby, the creative imagination of an entire generation of children.  

LaRouche’s Four Laws for Economic Recovery represent a return to the American System of political economy authored by Alexander Hamilton but enriched by Lyndon LaRouche’s studies of the relationship between increases in technological progress and increases in the productive powers of human populations.  In the vernacular, the Four Laws call for the crash development of fusion power, a new modern infrastructure platform created for the next 50 years, manned space exploration, and other national investments which will both increase the standard of living of the population while advancing the productivity of the economy as a whole.  To facilitate such investment, a new national bank or similar credit institution must be created to fund it while Roosevelt’s Glass/Steagall law, separating commercial from Wall Street’s speculative banking activities must be enacted.

China has initiated a vast infrastructure development program which presents an enormous and exciting opportunity for U.S. firms in helping to build out entire countries long ravaged by war, corruption, and resource looting.  Rogers particularly wants to emulate here in the United States, China’s goal of ending poverty in its population.

An educational system which focuses on developing the creative potential of every human being, and new infrastructure to prevent man-made disasters such as the recent Houston floods round out Rogers’s platform.

In contrast to Rogers’s very serious and in-depth program, her opponent, Al Green, seems singularly focused on the destructive goal of impeaching the President, Donald Trump, accumulating outside campaign money based on that policy, while neglecting the very real needs of his constituents.  Rogers has referred to Green’s fixation as “grandstanding” at the expense of the constituents of the 9th C.D.

For more information or press inquiries, call 713-999-3716.

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