Endorsement of Kesha Rogers candidacy by Jacques Cheminade, former French presidential candidate

"I fully endorse Kesha Rogers' candidacy to the 9th district of Texas, because her candidacy, being of course in the district where she has being active for many years, has beyond that a national significance for the United States of America and for the destiny of us all. It is a flagship campaign of a truly independent candidate for a new historical paradigm alternative to the disastrous behavior of the two main American parties. She embodies the tradition of both Lincoln and Roosevelt, above what here in France De Gaulle used to call “le régime des partis”, the Party system where their members play along the rules of their games instead of serving their nation and the people. Kesha, that I met in France many years ago, is a patriot and world citizen who speaks with the voice of the future above all petty quarrels.

"I urge the Texas voters to cast their ballots for her, even if I am a foreigner, because I share her love for the true America and I know that she has the unique capacity to make of it a great beacon of hope again. She is fighting against the anti-constitutional operation to impeach President Trump and supports his peace initiatives, because for her the American Constitution and world peace are two sides of the same mission. She is very concerned by the present war danger and she knows how to deal with the
establishment to bring them back to reality.

"Moreover, her election will be the best way to move towards the end of the City of London/Wall Street regime and free the world from the financial dictatorship and imperial trap. She is committed to fight with all her energy, and believe me she has a lot of it, for the LaRouche four laws, Glass Steagall, public productive credit, national banking, fusion high density energy and technologies of the future. From her future position in Congress, she is ready to face and confront all those who pledged to enforce them, or
part of them, and until now have failed to act. She is the best guarantee for her voters, and much, much beyond them, that productive employments are going to be created and not mere jobs. She has relentlessly fought for a true space policy, in Houston and elsewhere, as a commitment to the common destiny of humanity and the capacity to create the quality of labor that our future demands. 

"I you have any doubts, my recipe for your disorientation is to read what she writes and to meet her."

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