The Economic Solution To The “Crisis” At The Border

The Democrats and Republicans now outraged over the separation of children from their families on our southern border, didn't care about the same tactics and massive deportations under Obama. They don't care about the Libyans drowning in the Mediterranean Sea as the flee desperately from a war which the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton created. This is happening now because it is a politically calculated stunt designed to mobilize popular sentiment against Donald Trump at a time when he has engineered peace on the Korean peninsula and when the insurrection against him is falling a part as revelation after revelation of illegal FBI and Department of Justice conduct hit the airwaves.  

Their crocodile tears are just another regurgitation of the same old chewed up nothingburger, trying to corral mob sentiment into overthrowing President Trump. Fake pictures of children in cages at our border is no different from fake videos of children suffering from a gas attack at a hospital in Syria, and no different from pushing a fake Russia dossier as an “insurance policy” to stop Trump from becoming president. It is designed to create maximum populist outrage to push through an unreasoning reaction. Why is it happening now?


It is happening now, because the world is transforming in a positive way because of President Trump’s actions vis-à-vis North Korea. It is happening now, because the entire “Russiagate” coup is blowing up in the faces of the DNC and Hillary campaign, the Obama administration, the top six (ex) leaders of the FBI, and British foreign intelligence.

Let’s take a step back, and remember how we got here. 40 years of outsourcing the industrial backbone of the USA to sweatshops around the world, coupled with bad trade deals like NAFTA and CAFTA, and predatory loans by the IMF and World Bank, have bankrupted the local businesses, pension programs, and governments of North and South America. The narco gangs filled the void and took over the governments. People are fleeing their ruined countries for a better life here. This problem is happening all over the world. Walls won’t stop it. Deportations won’t stop it. Separations won’t stop it.

The only way to stop people fleeing economic ruin, drug gangs, war, and poverty, is to make living in their own country more productive than running away from it. This has been known for centuries. I endorse the recent call by Schiller Institute Chairwoman Helga Zepp-LaRouche, "Migrant Crisis Hits Worldwide, Zepp LaRouche: The Only Solution Is Economic Development."

As an independent Candidate in the 9th Congressional District of Texas, I am championing the solution needed for economic progress here in the United States and those needed to bring about a new model of international relations, which will bring about a mutual economic development, and advancement of nations around the world. The solutions to such a crisis calls for the United States adopting the urgently needed laws outlined by American Economist Lyndon LaRouche.

  1. Restore Glass-Steagall
  2. Re-establish a National Bank
  3. Issue Federal Credit for Infrastructure
  4. Prioritize high payback programs like fusion and space.

These economic solutions must immediately be adopted and put into law in the United States. The United States must be brought into the new paradigm of the Belt and Road Initiative, breaking with the old paradigm of geopolitics, which has for far too long pushed policies to keep nations indebted and enslaved. It is time for a four power agreement as proposed by economist Lyndon LaRouche to bring about the creation of a new world credit system.

Patriotic Americans can not let themselves be dragged around by the nose every time the coup wants to change the subject. Instead we must keep demanding a real program to win the future. That program is unavoidably the adoption of LaRouche’s Four Laws, and the USA joining the Belt and Road Initiative.

A PDF of this statement can be found here. A Spanish language version can be found here.

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    Exactly. It’s a systemic crisis not single issuism. The Democrats are non functional. Ted Kennedy was right years before his passing when he stated that there was no difference between the two major parties. Desperate Democrats vetted by Obama attempt to shift attention away from their own complicity concerning the financial collapse. Their neo con counterparts still live in the fantasy world of Russian electoral interference while obsessing with Hillary Clinton. Your campaign will bear fruit regardless of your being elected or not. Your fight is justified. Your opponents is not.