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    To Republicans, independents, #WalkAway Democrats and all Americans of good will:

    Kesha Rogers is an independent candidate for Congress running in Texas 9th CD against Democrat Al Green. There is no Republican in the race. Al Green is a leader of the Democrat impeachment drive in Congress. TX- 9 is A victory for Kesha would deal a huge blow to the Democrats. Kesha would be an outstanding representative in Congress. She is personally schooled in American System economics by its greatest exponent, Lyndon LaRouche, and she has an unmatched platform for peace and economic progress. Al Green has become rich while doing nothing for his district, one of the poorest in the United States. Now is the time to kick this worthless charlatan out of Congress.

    This coming Monday, Oct 22, President Trump will be in Texas in Kesha’s CD-9 giving a rally at NRG Arena in Houston. Kesha has already been endorsed by Trump’s well=known friend Roger Stone. I have called the White House several times to alert the Trump presidency to Kesha’s candidacy and to request the President’s support and endorsement for Kesha.

    Kesha’s campaign is of national importance. I urge all who read this post to donate whatever you can to her campaign. Every little bit really helps. Kesha is on a very tight budget. She needs money just to print enough leaflets to give to everyone at the rally. She has many very smart and dedicated working for her, but donations are still badly needed. I urge all readers of this post to give whatever you can.
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    Best wishes for your campaign. I’ll be following your rising star.

    John Sess
    Cincinnati, Ohio