Kesha Rogers was born in Houston, in 1976. She is a graduate of Booker T. Washington High School and holds a degree in political science and communications from Texas State University. Her father was an ordained minister and a construction worker, her mother worked in food services for the Houston Unified School District. Kesha’s Mom and Dad split up and Kesha was mainly raised by her grandmother, Estella Ivery.

Kesha describes her grandmother, a seamstress, as “just a really big, just outsized personality, who took care of the whole neighborhood.  She insisted, always, that we think independently and critically. I was the oldest and was known in the family as the arguer, always curious and questioning, talking incessantly about world events.  My grandma drummed into me that this was a very good thing, no matter what others thought. When I think about it, growing up in the church, singing in the choir, and my grandmother’s insistence to always break boundaries rather than work within them, were the things that shaped me.”

Following college, Kesha took a break from school, working a telemarketing job to support herself, while volunteering in Lee Brown’s campaign for Mayor and in early childhood education programs, which have remained a continuing passion for her. In 2003, she ran into the political organization led by Lyndon LaRouche.  

Rogers cites September 11, 2001, her initial introduction to LaRouche’s philosophical views, and her love of singing and music, as the key factors in her decision to join LaRouche’s political movement. “The terrorist attacks on September 11th, the coverup of what happened, and the dangerous turn toward a police state, really shocked me politically,” Rogers says.  “Then I got a copy of LaRouche’s book, The Road to Recovery.  In the book, he didn’t just talk about a program for bringing economic progress back.  He began, as he always does, by talking about the fundamental nature of human beings, what distinguishes us from animals, from mere beasts.  We have a divine gift in being the only species capable of changing our environment and discovering and creating whole new environments. Our God given ability to create new technologies and make new basic scientific discoveries, is what makes any economy grow.  

"This productive power of labor, not money, or stock prices, or shareholder values, is what measures an economy. At the same time, I learned about the “American System of political economy,” which was not taught in College. 

"It was invented by Alexander Hamilton, and practiced by Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt, and created the greatest economic power ever known to mankind.  Finally, I also had always been told, starting in college, that my love for singing was not a part of politics. But here I found a movement which said that classical music and poetry, coupled with the human creative gift for making new fundamental scientific discoveries, was the foundation of politics.”

After working in several Democratic campaigns and as a precinct chair, Kesha’s ran for Texas Democratic Party Chair in 2006.  That campaign’s slogan was “Out of the Bushes and Into the Future.” It was part of a national movement within the Democratic Party to end the influence of the Wall Street New Democrats and return to the legacy of FDR, Henry Gonzalez and Ralph Yarborough.  That same year she toured the south with Amelia Boynton Robinson, the mother of the civil rights movement, campaigning against Dick Cheney and educating people about Martin Luther King’s great effort to bring about an economic revolution. Kesha went on to win two contested Democratic Party primaries for Congress in the 22nd C.D. in 2010 and 2012,  and forced a runoff in the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate in 2014. In 2011, she married the love of her life, Ian Overton.

This year, Kesha has left the Democratic Party and is running as an independent in the 9th Congressional District against Al Green. She notes:

“I was born and raised a Democrat. When I ran for Party Chair I said that unless Democrats made young people, skilled labor, the poor, working classes, and middle classes, their priorities, and moved to reindustrialize the United States, the party was going to die.  It has now done so. Growing up in Houston, I was also very proud of NASA and the space program. In my time, however, most politicians have played cheap, small ball, divisive and identity politics because they are either afraid of the people in charge on Wall Street or London, or because they are corrupted by them.  As a result of this, very few people in my generation and those younger even know what a productive economy looks like. So, it was clear to me, even in 2006, that the nation ached for a new national mission like the Apollo mission to the Moon – a big goal in which the direction and risks are clear but the ultimate results are not predictable.  Getting there depends on fundamental breakthroughs in existing knowledge and ideas about how the universe functions. That is why the space program has been such a big part of all of my campaigns.

"Already, in that first 2006 campaign, I found the Democratic Party was increasingly controlled by a bunch of liberal professionals, Wall Street and Silicon Valley millionaires, and Hollywood.  They spent all their time telling people how to speak and how to act, while Wall Street robbed them blind. Under their programs, there are no real jobs. You are supposed to kill your time here on earth with short term jobs in the gig economy, drugs, entertainment, or in the fantasy world provided by your phone. 

"It really did not surprise me when a Democratic President gutted and destroyed NASA. It did not even surprise me when Obama called fusion energy, which could lift the world out of poverty, something “fancy” which we did not need or when he told Africans, right to their faces, that if they lived at the level of the United States, everyone would be killed because the planet would “boil over.”  So, in all my Democratic Party races, I took a hard stand against Obama and people voted for me because of it. 

"Now, as I listen to the citizens of the 9th C.D. today, they tell me that they, too, despise the political parties and politicians who have failed them and sold them out.  They love this nation. They are sick and tired of having their vote taken for granted. They don’t want a handout. They are hungry to participate in an economic transformation which will allow them to make life better for their children.  I am campaigning to turn that transformation into the optimistic future deserved by every human being."

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