Introduction to a New Presidency

Fellow Texans,

KeshaTDP.jpgNow is the time to speak the truth, frankly and boldly. Unless the Democratic Party follows my lead, and immediately and publicly breaks with Wall Street, and crushes its fascist genocidal program, this nation will soon be lost. Obama can, and must be removed, immediately. Wall Street can, and must be crushed. I am rallying the American people to join me in forming an alliance of real producers -farmers, industrialists, scientists, and more- who will reassert the real American tradition of progress, not seen for 50 years, since the leadership of a real Democratic President, John F. Kennedy.

If Wall Street has its way, we are headed toward thermonuclear war. If Wall Street has its way, what remains of the livelihoods of our friends and neighbors will be stolen outright. If Wall Street has its way, there is no hope. Statements by Obama's personal adviser Valerie Jarrett, "There is a complete alignment of interests with Wall Street," and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, to a room full of Wall Street investors, "The banker-bashing so popular within both political parties [is] unproductive and indeed foolish," sends a clear message to all thinking American people: they are allied with Wall Street, and against you.

I am running for the U.S. Senate to take the gloves off on Wall Street and those who are capitulating to it, in order to promote themselves, while the nation faces mass death. Texas already has a tradition of FDR-JFK Democrats fighting for the forgotten man, against Wall Street, including: Barbara Jordan, Wright Patman, Henry B. Gonzalez, Jim Wright, and Ralph Yarborough. Now, with the economic crisis even more dire, no candidate or politician has the right to tell you to hold your breath and wait until after the election, to "see what they will do". My campaign here in Texas, for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate, is focused on bringing about the emergency protection measures to save our republic NOW, before the primary, before the general election.

The specific, war-time mobilizations actions we must take are:

  1. Obama must be impeached, forced to resign, or otherwise legally removed.
  2. Glass-Steagall must be reinstated, bankrupting Wall Street and ending its genocidal reign of terror.
  3. American credit must be made available, through Constitutional methods, for relaunching productive work on a mass scale.
  4. Classical culture must be revived, to reawaken in everyday Americans a realistic optimism about the future.
  5. Tens of millions of productive jobs must be launched, in a nationwide mobilization to immediately solve the real crises we face, due to Wall Street created shortages, of especially, agriculture, energy, water, space defense, and new resource development.


Nobody out there is mistaking the fakery and lies of Obama with the greatness that Kennedy represented in the presidency. Kennedy's challenge, to cause people to aspire to greatness, still resonates in our culture. I am campaigning to revive Kennedy's vision for the future. That is the only real solution for today and tomorrow; our future was taken from us, and now we must take it back.

Yours in the fight,


Kesha Rogers

LaRouche Democrat for U.S. Senate



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