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Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

20070113-kesha_for_congress_pics_166.jpgIn 2010, I ran a highly visible campaign for U.S. Congress in the 22nd district of Texas, home of Johnson Space Center, on the theme "Save NASA, Impeach Obama". This is because shortly after I filed, Barack Obama announced the cancellation of Constellation, effectively shutting down our domestic human space flight program. This was an attack, not just on tens of thousands of jobs in the NASA community, but on the most advanced scientific and industrial capacity in our nation. Shut down the driver of scientific progress, and you shut down the future. For that reason, I demanded his impeachment, and rallied people around my campaign on street corners and highway overpasses, adapting the "Come and Take It" flag from the Battle of Gonzales with the Space Shuttle.

Rally in Sugar LandI also put the Hitler mustache on Obama, because his healthcare legislation values money over peoples' lives, which is explicitly a crime Nazi doctors were found guilty of during their trials at Nuremberg, in addition to more well known horrors. By raising the specter of Hitler's T-4 program in Obama's IPAB, Democratic Party bloggers screamed that I was arguing that "making sure everyone has coverage" was the same thing as the Holocaust. Yet what do we see, three years later? Hospitals are going bankrupt nationwide, public medical services are being cut, people are losing their coverage en masse, preventive screenings are being denied in the name of "cost-effectiveness", and there is widespread promotion of euthanasia and abortions in a society that can't afford to pay for both rent and medicine. Make no mistake: Obamacare is a pro-death "health" program.

This fight was taken to the streets, door-to-door, and in public forums. I pushed the only real solution, ending the dictatorship of money per se, with a new Glass-Steagall Act, and a return to productive industry, as typified by NASA, and other Kennedy-era projects. I won the Democratic Primary with 52% of the vote in a three-way race, with no organizational or financial support from the party itself. I went on to get over 62,000 votes in the general election, despite being outspent 10:1 in a district personally gerrymandered by Tom DeLay, against a Congressman hand selected by Dick Cheney and JP Morgan Case executives.

I ran again in 2012, but this time, the Democratic Party, especially in Fort Bend County, went completely insane. Since they could not debate the issues I was raising about Obama (that his warrantless wiretapping, drone killing of Americans without trial, unauthorized regime change in Libya, indefinite detention of Americans without charge, and other abuses of executive power sounded awfully like Bush and Cheney), they waged an aggressive libel campaign, calling me racist, cultish, socialist, and anti-Semitic, they passed a resolution "condemning" my campaign, and even said I wanted to kill the president! Despite such antics, I stayed on course by fighting it out with the population, and they nominated me a second time, by only 109 votes. Don't ever think that your vote doesn't count! In the general election, over 80,000 people cast their vote for me, yet to this day these same Democrats pitifully whine, "People didn't know whom they were voting for."

policycommittee2.jpgAs part of a national slate of candidates affiliated with physical economist Lyndon LaRouche, these two campaigns were not isolated events, but a coordinated effort in California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Michigan, Texas, and Washington to force a shift in top-down national policy for a new presidency. We ran, not for President, but on a Presidential policy, and our coordinated efforts have succeeded in forcing our platform into Congress, even if we didn't make it there ourselves.

 Prior to my bids for U.S. Congress, I ran a statewide campaign for Chair of the Democratic Party in 2006, with the theme "Out of the Bushes, Into the Future!" This made bothOut of the Bushes, Into the Future! national and international impact at the time. I also was a state leader in the national campaign effort to 'Improve Texas without DeLay', fighting tirelessly both here in Texas and in Washington D.C. to run the notorious 'Hammer', and his kindred corruption and cronyism out of Congress. While Delay is now long gone, obviously the dictatorship of money per se is still infecting both political parties, and their petty fights on social issues while society collapses is already killing people.

I come from a lower middle class family. My father is a minister in Simonton and works in construction. My mother worked for Houston ISD for over 20 years. After graduating college in 2001 with a BA in Political Science and Speech Communications from Texas State University – San Marcos, I realized that my generation and those younger had been given no future, and had been maliciously robbed of the knowledge of principles and methods necessary for building one. The standard institutions of higher learning had ironically become the biggest barrier towards students wanting a real Classical education. In this context, I joined and became an active leader of the LaRouche Policy Institute over 10 years ago. One of the most beautiful things that recruited me to join the LaRouche movement, is its emphasis on Classical singing and composition, especially with the Negro Spirituals, adding a new depth of profundity to songs I had sang while growing up.

When I am not running my own political campaigns for office, I work as a full time volunteer with the LaRouche Political Action Committee, continuing to push against these same problems and fight for these same solutions. In 2011, I married the love of my life, Ian Overton. We do not have any children, choosing instead to focus on our careers at this time. Together we are teaching our fellow citizens of all ages about the science and art of real political statecraft, Wedding day!by going back through the original works of such towering geniuses as Plato, Jesus Christ, Nicolaus of Cusa, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Schiller, and Shelley, to scientists like Johannes Kepler, Gauss, Riemann, Einstein, and biogeochemist Vladimir Vernadsky, and the American intellectual tradition of Ben Franklin, Hamilton, Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and John Kennedy, who drafted and maintained our Constitution as a republic of, by, and for the people.


This is my life's passion, and I look forward to sharing this with you as we meet out on the streets, on the internet, in your homes or businesses, and across the state of Texas, as I campaign to be your next U.S. Senator.

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