Policy statements and campaign reports from Kesha Rogers for U.S. Senate, LaRouche Democrat in Texas.

Houston LULAC Monthly Meeting

Kesha Rogers speaks at the monthly meeting for the Houston LULAC chapter, on her policy for Texas and the nation.

What the American Media Won't Tell You, Could Kill You

In multiple interviews this past week with local media, Kesha Rogers, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Texas, repeatedly echoed Lyndon LaRouche's warnings that the Obama administration's support for neo-Nazi groups in the overthrow of Ukraine's government, puts us directly on the path for thermonuclear war with Russia. Yet this very important strategic analysis was conspicuously absent from published accounts. While various sources covered more or less the rest of Kesha's platform, such as ending the Wall Street bail-in mechanism, or bringing water to the drought with NAWAPA XXI, and of course, the fight over Obama's impeachment, the imminent threat of thermonuclear war and financial ruin, as the necessary reason for Obama's removal from office, was not discussed.

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Observations from El Paso

While in El Paso, I've met American citizens who can't even afford to live in our own nation. They literally must commute from Mexico every day, to work in the USA, because the cost of living is too much for them to live here. Thankfully, they have that option, as many more American citizens simply go homeless. We must change this! 

I am proposing a program for a freeze on foreclosures, modeled on LaRouche's Homeowners and Bank Protection Act of 2007. It has three basic points:

1) A freeze on all foreclosures, nationwide. 

2) Deflate the housing bubble, writing down mortgages to their actual value. During this process, nobody shall be kicked out of their homes. Let the speculators cut their losses. Restore the Glass-Steagall separation between mortgages and security trading. 
3) Initiate a program, similar to FDR's Home Owners Loan Act, to help people underwater in their mortgages to get back on their feet again.

This will work, if part of an overall re-industrialization of our economy, as expressed in the NAWAPA XXI and Strategic Defense of Earth projects. We cannot allow our friends and neighbors to wake up homeless and destitute on the continent our forefathers conquered.

KBH Desalination Plant

On April 18th I took a tour of the KBH Desalination Plant, the largest in-land desal facility in the world. My team and I learned a lot about how El Paso gets its water, for industrial and consumer use, from the brackish water of the area. As your next Senator, I will fight to make sure the credit is available for projects like this, as part of the first steps for drought relief, while NAWAPA XXI is still being built.

Kesha Rogers Mobilizes El Paso

Texas Democratic Senate pre-candidate Kesha Rogers' organizing trip this past weekend to El Paso, a city of nearly 680,000, caught the attention of El Paso's largest English and Spanish-language newspapers. Both El Diario, with its readership of 100,000 in this city which is 80% Hispanic, and El Paso Times, with its circulation of 73,000 daily, let their readers know there is a candidate running for national office who is out to impeach Obama and destroy Wall Street, and that is LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers.

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End Drought from Texas to California - ARCHIVE

On April 12, 2014 LaRouche Democrats Kesha Rogers and Michael Steger co-hosted an emergency town hall meeting in San Antonio and San Francisco, on the emergency stop gap measures to be taken now, to deal with the already deadly effects of a long term nationwide drought. Survival requires dumping Obama, and his genocidal "green" policies of wasting our water and land for biofuels and fracking, and immediately launching the JFK-era continental water reclamation project, the North American Water and Power Alliance XXI.

Emergency Meeting on the Drought Crisis

Kesha Rogers Invites you to an Emergency Meeting on the Drought Crisis.

Dallas LULAC Council Chooses To Remain On The Bush Plantation

Organizers with LULAC Dallas invited LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers, currently in a runoff election for U.S. Senate, to be one of several candidates to speak at their regular monthly Chorizo y Menudo breakfast meetings. Just prior to the scheduled event, an email from LULAC Dallas to the Rogers campaign rescinded her place on the agenda, citing "scheduling conflicts." When she arrived, however, she was informed that because of "backlash" when the email went out announcing their speakers list, it was the decision of the board of directors that she would not be allowed to speak.

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Fox 4 News Dallas Interview

Kesha Rogers throws down the gauntlet in seven minute interview with FOX 4 News Dallas' Shaun Rabb.

To the Fracking Environmentalists: Eat Our Dust!

Amarillo_Dust_Storm.pngVignette: Somewhere in Texas, a person accidentally catches their home on fire, by demonstrating how they can ignite their tap water, because nearby hydraulic fracturing leaked natural gas into the water. The family calls the fire department, and the fire chief says, "Sorry folks, we'd love to save your home, but the fracking companies have tapped all our hydrants, and with the drought, there's no water left for anything except natural gas!"

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